Filhaal 2 Mohabbat Lyrics | B Praak (English & Hindi)

Filhaal 2 Mohabbat lyrics cover

Introducing “Filhaal 2 Mohabbat lyrics“: A heartfelt ballad sung by B Praak and beautifully penned by Jaani. The poignant lyrics of this song take us on an emotional journey, capturing the essence of love, longing, and the bittersweet moments of a cherished encounter. Song Information Song Name: Filhaal 2 Mohabbat Artist: B Praak Album: Filhaal … Read more

Merre Liye Lyrics (English & Hindi)

Merre Liye Lyrics cover

Have you heard the heart-melting Hindi song titled “Merre Liye“? It’s sung by the talented young legend, Mohammad Faiz and featured in the musical series “Himesh Ke Dil Se”. The music is composed by the one and only Himesh Reshammiya and the Merre Liye lyrics are beautifully written by Himesh Reshammiya himself. This soulful song … Read more

Teri Galiyon Se Uthega Janaza Lyrics (English & Hindi)

Teri Galiyon Se Uthega Janaza Lyrics

“Teri Galiyon Se Uthega Janaza” is a mesmerizing romantic track by Jubin Nautiyal. The sweet and soothing lyrics of the song make it a perfect song to listen to when one needs to relax and spend time with one’s loved one. Song Information Song Name: Teri Galiyon Se Artist: Jubin Nautiyal Album: N/A Music By: … Read more

Baarish Aayi Hai Lyrics (English & Hindi)

Baarish Aayi Hai Lyrics

The perfect romantic song to set the mood for special occasions, “Baarish Aayi Hai” is a beautiful duet by Stebin Ben and Shreya Ghoshal. Set to mesmerizing lyrics and a soulful composition, this lyrics is the perfect way to express your emotions to your loved one. Song Information Song Name: Baarish Aayi Hai Artist: Stebin … Read more